5th November 2016
Studio 20

A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.

~Guy Fawkes


Remember is an exhibition of collaborative work by Rebecca Scott and Sophia Shuvalova. This date-specific exhibition is a playful take on the history of the Guy Fawkes night celebrations. Appropriating paintings by artists prominent in Britain during the time of the Gunpowder Plot, including Nathaniel Bacon and Anthony Van Dyck, Remember travels back to 17th century England and chooses a humorous perspective on the works. Interactive elements extend both the connection with the past and the joyful interpretations - glitter bombs resembling dynamite providing a light-hearted homage to the fireworks tradition and the role of explosives in the 5th of November story. Adding a more serious note the deconstructed frames hint at the destruction that would've resulted if the plot had succeeded and the ambient catholic choir music gently nudges the audience towards the underlying reasons for the plot. The one-day exhibition chooses to render a dark history in lighter tones, offering an immersive experience consistent with the predominant mood of the 5th of November and leaving the audience to take initiative in questioning the tradition.