23rd August-1st September 2017
St Margarets - Church of Art

New Bohemian Agenda poses the question of what Bohemianism means today and comprises of visual, audio, written and performance works by artists from Norwich, Cambridge and London.

Em-Re-Un proposes that Bohemianism stands for a particular set of values and ideas as relevant to contemporary society and artistic community as ever before. Presenting New Bohemian Agenda as a counter-culture to prevalent ideologies that prioritise consumerism over creativity, ego over community and fashion over authenticity, the exhibition aims to facilitate a dialogue examining contemporary manifestations and possibilities of bohemianism as well as its potential to empower artists and audiences alike.

Visual artists as well as musicians, poets, writers and performers were invited to respond to one or more of the following ideas or to offer their own interpretation of the New Bohemian Agenda:


  • Artistic unity, community and collaboration

  • Liberty, autonomy and self-responsibility

  • Hedonism and the role of pleasure in artistic expression

  • Devotion to one's art above all other pursuits

  • Spirituality and esotericism

  • Nature, beauty and simplicity

  • Anti-capitalist principles and anarcho-socialist ideologies

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