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19th July-24th July 2021
St Margaret's 

Figua 21 is a multidisciplinary exhibition showcasing some of the best figurative art the East has to offer. Featuring a variety of approaches in portraying the human form, the exhibition reflects our inherent fascination with representing the figure and capturing not only its physicality but also using it to portray the human condition. Displaying a range of artworks including painting, drawing and sculpture Figura 21 serves as a platform for a continued conversation between practitioners and audiences about the role of figurative art in contemporary culture and its ongoing importance in capturing aspects of our humanity.

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What do we consume and what are we consumed by? The exhibition explores this question and the possibilities it raises within the context of contemporary culture and human psychology. Featuring artworks in a variety of media from painting and sculpture to performance and video art and showcasing both emerging and established artists‘Consume’ delves into both our role as consumers of anything from art to product to vice, and our role as active participants in contemporary society and the effect it has on our psyche. At which point does consumption turn into obsession? When do we cease being consumers and fall victim to our desires and fears? And what of the symbiotic relationship between us and our enablers? The exhibition examines the above ideas and includes avenues of exploration such as our complex relationships with information and communication technology, indulgence in the carnal pleasures for example food and sex, and our propensity for obsessive thought



6th-9th September 2018
Nunns Yard Gallery
28th January-8th February 2020
Anteros Arts Foundation

In the depths of winter what emanates from within? What concepts emerge from the darkness formed and reformed?


The exhibition taking place in the historically coldest time of the year explores emergent concepts, showcasing works by contemporary artists working in a variety of mediums from painting and drawing to sculpture and new media.

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